service-photo-1 Whether you need an existing landscape overhaul, a new landscape design and install, or simply maintenance of your existing lawn or landscape, Anywhere Lawn and Landscape has the knowledge and experience to get the job done.  We take pride in making sure that our customers properties are picture perfect.




Our maintenance programs are designed around your needs.  Whether it is weekly mowing, monthly weeding, or just a one time mow, we perform it all.

  • Mowing
  • Weed Eat
  • Flower Bed Maintenance
  • Bush and Shrub Maintenance
  • Spring/Fall Clean-Ups with Winter Ready Pruning
  • Mulch Touch-Up
  • Fertilizer Application (We are state licensed and certified to apply herbicide and pesticide)
  • 1 Time Mows While on Vacation
  • Flower Pot and/or Yard Watering While on Vacation
  • Snow Removal

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Are you a visual person?  We will show you an actual picture of your property in color, completely installed before the first hole is dug.  We will sit down with you and with your ideas and ours, transform your property into something you, your family, and neighbors will admire.

  • Visuals
  • Design Prints

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Our company installs anything from annuals and perennials, shrubs and trees, to pavers and retaining walls.  We pay close attention to detail in making sure everything flows together.  All materials  are hand chosen by us to ensure your


  • Annuals for Spring, Summer, and Fall Color in Beds or Containers
  • Perennials, Shrubs, and Ornamental Grasses
  • Trees
  • Seed and Sod
  • Patios and Pavers
  • Retaining Walls
  • Gravel Drives

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Our Store

We carry a variety of items.  If we do not have it, ask, we will order it!  During spring and summer the store is open every day.  If after hours just call… We will be glad to open up!

  • Bulk Mulch including: Dyed Black, Brown, Red, Hardwood Bark, and Playground (Certified for Play Areas, Pet Kennels, and Live Stock Barns)
  • Top Soil
  • Potting Soil
  • Gravel and Stone
  • Grass Seed (by the lb or 50lb bags)
  • Preen
  • Variety of Fertilizers
  • 12-12-12
  • Talpirid for Those Pesty Moles
  • Bird Seed and Suet Cakes
  • Sheds (by Creekside Structures LLC)

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